A Gateway to Global Education Innovation

We are a not-for-profit (NPO) dedicated to cultivating education innovation in Japan and abroad by serving as a gateway between cultures and working with partners to apply cutting edge solutions to modern education challenges.

What We Do

Dedicated to the Future of Education

The Japanese Ministry of Education (MEXT) recently launched an ambitious reform agenda aimed at developing a new generation of future-ready, globally minded Japanese learners. Our mission is to serve as a key driver of this and other education innovation initiatives in order to support future leaders who are equipped to build a more sustainable, equitable, peaceful, and prosperous future for Japan and the world.

Latest News

Breaking the Mold: How a global pandemic unlocks innovation in K–12 instruction

In early 2020, the global coronavirus pandemic rocked the world—and the arc of the online learning trend bent in heretofore unimaginable ways.

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